Cinemazoo’s Real Life Unicorn

What could be more magical than having a beautiful white unicorn appear at your special event?, You, and all your guests will be amazed at the site of a magical full size white unicorn. Cinemazoo has one of the most enchanting white unicorns in the Fraser Valley. With a white body, pure white mane and tail, and even a white horn, our real unicorn will be sure to leave you and your guests enchanted at your next special event.

A Princess & A Unicorn

Impress your guests even more with the addition of a princess alongside our unicorn. Cinemazoo has a gorgeous princess who dresses up in an enchanting princess costume. She will be able to interact with your guests and of course proudly display the unicorn by her side. Everyone will be enthralled by Cinemazoo’s princess and unicorn duo. Make your special event even more special with Cinemazoo’s princess and unicorn package.

A Truly Magical Special Event

Cinemazoo’s unicorn is the perfect addition to several special event themes. Have you been dreaming of having a white unicorn at your wedding since you were a child? That’s right, our unicorn can help make your special day even more magical! Or perhaps you are planning a special event for kids of all ages? A white unicorn is definitely a crowd pleaser. Whatever your next event is, Cinemazoo’s Unicorn can bring the magic you are looking for.

Why Choose Cinemazoo?

Cinemazoo takes pride in making sure you and your guests have the best experience possible with our animals, and with our staff. We show up, rain or shine, set up, entertain your guests, and then do all the clean up, leaving absolutely nothing behind. With years of professionalism under our belt, why not choose Cinemazoo to add the magical touch to your next event? Contact us today for a quote on our magical White Unicorn.