Country Western Weddings

If you are planning a country themed wedding, Cinemazoo can help make your wedding day even more spectacular. Cinemazoo’s Country Themed Weddings are the perfect mix of country, western, and traditional wedding ideas. From horses, to doves, and even hay bales, we can put the "country” in your wedding.

Impress your guests will hay bales as seats, or as decorative accents throughout your ceremony and reception. You will look absolutely amazing riding down the aisle on one of our majestic steeds. Our beautiful horses can be dressed in traditional western riding gear, or more elaborate attire, whatever suits your country wedding best. Your country western wedding will go off "without a hitch” with Cinemazoo’s Country Themed Wedding package.

Amaze with a Dove Release

Adding a beautiful dove release to your country wedding is the perfect way to end your ceremony. It is said that if you see doves on your wedding day, that a happy home is assured. Doves are one of the few animal breeds that mate for life. Doves symbolize love, peace, fidelity, prosperity and good luck, making them the perfect addition to have on your wedding day. Wedding doves are the picture-perfect addition to any wedding, especially a country themed wedding.

**All Doves used are actual Homing Pigeons and are trained to return home after release**

More Country Wedding Ideas

Still looking for that extra something to make your country western wedding an event to remember for your guests? Why not add a petting zoo? Cinemazoo’s Mobile Petting Zoo is the ideal addition to a country western wedding. You won’t have to worry about the children getting bored at your wedding, they will be thoroughly entertained with a Cinemazoo Petting Zoo. We can bring miniature horses, bunnies, goats, and chickens to make your country themed wedding a success.

Why Choose Cinemazoo?

Cinemazoo takes pride in making sure you and your guests have the best experience possible with our animals, and with our staff. We show up, rain or shine, set up, entertain your guests, and then do all the clean up, leaving absolutely nothing behind. With years of professionalism under our belt, why not choose Cinemazoo to add the country to your country western wedding? Contact us today for a no obligation quote for our Country Themed Wedding package.