Hiring Animals Made Simple

Hiring animals for your next event or project is easy and fast with Cinemazoo. Our Planner registration signup is free for clients who are hiring animals. Planners include event planners, film studios, advertising agencies, schools, production companies, TV studios and many other companies that are hiring animals. Our animal talent includes a wide selection of thousands of domestic and exotic animals. Cinemazoo is the oldest and largest animal agency in Canada for hiring animals. Registration is free for planners looking to hire animals..

Advantages of Registering as a Planner

  • When you sign up, and get approved as a Planner with Cinemazoo, you get access to advanced search features and tools when hiring animals.
  • You can create shortlists for different projects and locate those hard to find animals. 
  • Then you simply contact us with the details of the job, and the animal you want to hire and we set it up.
  • If you have any issues at all, a Cinemazoo agent is just a call away to assist you in hiring animals. Cinemazoo is fully insured as an animal rental agency for your protection.

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