Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find FAQ or frequently asked questions about our Cinemazoo animal talent agency. Animal rental questions and answers about animal jobs or animals for hire.


Q-1         Can you guarantee work for my animal?

 A-1        No, we cannot guarantee your animal will be hired. It is ultimately the production Director’s choice. While we do have some input as to the decision in some cases, it is their final choice. What we do guarantee is that your animal will be published to our clients and represented in the bargaining process if your animal is chosen. We also guarantee that the integrity of the company’s requirements is observed. The overall safety and well-being of your animal is maintained at all times.


Q-2         Is my animal allowed to work for anyone else, ie: if I were approached by a photographer or a production company?

A-2         Yes! The more work your animal receives the better. However, it is best to book your animal through Cinemazoo to ensure that you are being adequately compensated and insured for your animal’s work and that the animal job is supervised by an actual Animal Agent.  An animal is only considered exclusively contracted with Cinemazoo by agreement on a case by case basis. This is common if an animal receives a contract for full-time work in a series or as a spokesmodel for a corporation. In these scenarios a separate contract would be drafted with details and terms.


Q-3         Does my animal get residual pay for his/her work?

A-3         No. Animals rarely receive residuals. In most countries they are considered "props” and are paid on a one-time basis or buy-out.


Q-4         Do we need to pay an annual fee to Cinemazoo in order to keep our animal’s file active?

A-4         No. The registration fee of $39.95 (plus GST) covers your animal's profile being listed on our website for their lifetime. 


Q-5         What happens if I, or my pet, can’t make a job when requested?

A-5         We realize life with animals can be chaotic and things happen. However, please keep in mind, If it happens more than once, you may not be called as often and other animals may take priority.


Q-6         Am I permitted to come to the job with my animal?

A-6         If you wish to come, you would be permitted under the umbrella of Cinemazoo only, meaning that you would be required to follow all the rules and standards set down by us and our insurer. If your animal’s ability to perform is distracted by your presence, you may be asked to leave the area to allow a wrangler from Cinemazoo to work with them.


Q-7         Who is responsible for any training that is required if my animal is chosen for a job?

A-7         The company or event planner that hires your animal will pay for a trainer, if necessary, and will also pay an hourly rate to you, the owner. Cinemazoo will be responsible for finding a trainer that meets our methods and standards of training and will monitor the results.


Q-8         Will I be required to travel to assignments?

A-8         There is a possibility that you may be required to travel. If this is the case, Cinemazoo will make all the arrangements for transportation and accommodations for you and your pet at your client’s cost.


Q-9         Do you place animals often?

A-9         Yes, considering the variety of mediums we work in. It is similar to any business, there are slow and busy periods and the animals we receive requests for are by no means limited to dogs or cats. We have large portfolios containing samples of work we have done and hundreds of testimonial letters attesting to the quality of service we provide. Most of our clients have been with us for over a decade and some have made a substantial living from their pet’s talents.


Q-10      If an animal dies, how is it removed from your data bank?

A-10       Should your animal die all you have to do is login and delete the animal's profile from your account. If this process is too difficult for you at the time, we can remove the animal's profile from our database for you. Just give us a call, or send an email letting us know your animal has passed.


Q-11      Is there anything I need to keep in mind when I register?

A-11       Yes. First, remember to keep us informed of any change of address or phone numbers. If we can’t contact you, we can’t get your animal work! To change your contact info simply update your user profile. 

Second, keep us informed of your pet’s status through your user profile. Updated photos if their appearance has changed, verbal information as in clipped, cropped, docked, dehorned, declawed, debarked and so on, plus new tricks, training, habits, pregnant or has just given birth, neutered, spayed or gelded or any medical problems. Any and all information is helpful for your pet to land a job!

Please Note: If you register an animal, and your registration payment has not been made within 30 days, your animal's profile will be deleted. You need to pay the fee of $39.95 (plus GST) to have your animal's profile published on our site. If you do not pay, and we delete your animal, but still wish to have them registered with us, you can login and register them again, using all the same information, but please make sure you pay to secure their spot on our website.


Q-12      What is the typical pay scale for animals?

A-12       It varies by animal type and job requirements. For example, a pet’s registration is $39.95 with Cinemazoo. An inexperienced dog is paid a minimum of $40 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours work. Your animal’s first job will pay triple your investment in only 4 hours. Even if your pet works for only 5 minutes, you will still receive the minimum 4 hours pay ($160) and the rate can greatly increase depending on a variety of factors.