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Welcome to Cinemazoo
Oldest Animal Talent Agency in Canada

Cinemazoo Animal Agency is the oldest animal talent agency in Canada. Based in metro Vancouver we are an animal booking agent for talented animals. For three decades animal owners have listed their animals that are show cased for event planners, advertising agencies, film studios, birthday party themes, corporate event promotions and many other types of events. In Canada, Cinemazoo is an established and well known animal talent agency. Cinemazoo has a large group of amazing animals, from exotic insects, amphibians and reptiles to small mammals. You may have seen Cinemazoo and its animals in newspapers and magazines, on CTV, Global, CityTV and on TV shows such as Dogs with Jobs and Pets Quarterly. We provide unique animals for media industries, group presentations, educational seminars and even birthday parties. If you are putting together an event or project that requires animals, then you should consider our animal talent agency. Cinemazoo is fully insured and a lot of animal owners and corporate customers rely on our agency to book their animal talent. Some of our services include:

Listing your Animal for Hire

Cinemazoo is similar to a human talent agency, except with the added logistics of animals. People with animals or pets can pay a small fee and register their animal for hire online. Should their animal be selected for an event or project then they are paid a healthy percentage of the booking fees. You will find more detailed information here on listing with our animal talent agency. It should be mentioned that the animals our agents and corporate customers want and need, is all over the place. Sometimes they are looking for a specific breed, species and colour. Sometimes the animal must be highly talented, or they may only care about how the animal will photograph. When an animal is selected, our agent calls the animal owner with the fee specifics and to arrange scheduling.

Advertising, Corporate Events and Film Production animal talent

Advertising agencies, event planners and film production companies rely on our animal agency for one stop shopping for their animal talent. They often need a herd or a variety of different animals. Instead of wasting time searching for a unique animal they simply log in online and create a shortlist. We take care of the rest. There are a lot of unique logistics that come with animals. Cinemazoo has trained staff and decades of proven experience. Our corporate customers count on us for their events and projects to run smoothly. Check out our corporate services for booking animal talent.

Special Events and theme parties

Cinemazoo can also take care of the details with our full service event planning services. If your company is planning a special corporate event or promotion, we can help. Our animal talent agency has the animal star talent to make your next project a success. Event planning is just another service offered by our animal talent agency. Planning a birthday party, anniversary or other special event? Check out our theme based birthday parties. We can create the perfect backdrop to your next special event. A Cinemazoo agent is available to help you put together your next memorable event. Give us a call or schedule a Free no obligation consultation with our animal talent agency.