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Cinemazoo Animal Vocational Training Program

The next session of the course begins in the fall - Tuesday and Thursday evenings - for 20 weeks - call for information

Animals And You - Working Together!

Adore animals? Dream of a career working with animals? Take action! Get professional training in animal care and management with the experts at Cinemazoo Animal Agency. The Cinemazoo training center offers a unique vocational program that will prepare you to work with animals professionally. Work with animals in the media, be a wildlife photographer, or open your own animal-related business! As a Cinemazoo program graduate and a trained animal expert, you will be in demand and will be ready for an exciting, successful career in the animal industry!

Train With The Experts!

Cinemazoo Animal Agency is a recognized leader in the animal industry. Cinemazoo's career training program is developed and taught by experienced, knowledgeable animal experts, at the Cinemazoo facility. Cinemazoo Career School is held at the Urban Safari Rescue/ Cinemazoo Facility in Surrey B.C.  You truly will be learning with the industry's best animal experts when you join Cinemazoo's vocational training program.

Study The Industry, Acquire The Skills!

Course work covers key areas of the animal industry such as domestic and exotic animal care, current zoo-keeping techniques, animal training skills, and beginning animal photography. You will also learn how to develop educational wildlife and animal presentations and learn business skills that are particular to the animal industry. Cinemazoo's vocational program combines theory and instruction with practical, hands-on training and application. All of this prepares you for great success working in the animal industry. For program requirements and details on course topics, call Cinemazoo! We will be happy to answer your questions and send you information on our training center and vocational program.

What Do I Do Next?

Contact the program director, Gary Oliver, at Cinemazoo! Ask questions and request more information. Please also visit more of Cinemazoo's website to learn more about Cinemazoo's animals, activities, and animal-expert staff.
To contact Cinemazoo, please call 604-299-6963, email, or write to:



Cinemazoo Animal Photography Courses

The part –time Animal Photography Course is ideal for photographers who want a well-rounded education in exotic and pet image making. The program at Cinemazoo is designed for those with a working knowledge of basic photography, who have access to a 35mm film or digital SLR camera and a tripod. Through lectures, demonstrations, workshops and assignments, students will learn to improve their picture-making skills. 

Topics of study include a variety of animal handling as well as photographic techniques. Research, safety, exposures, composition, studio and field lighting, sets and prop designing, animal stalking, baiting and tracking is all demonstrated and practiced during the course. Students are encouraged to participate in question and answer periods, field trips and work hands on with the many insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals of Cinemazoo as well as their own pets.

The course is taught by Gary Oliver and Sharon Doucette, with over 50 years of photographic experience between them Gary and Sharon are qualified to help you tackle the most demanding of photographic subjects. Students will leave this course with a good understanding of what it takes to be a professional animal photographer, and a collection of properly exposed and exciting exotic photos for their portfolio.

Classes are beginning soon, so contact Cinemazoo for pricing and start date information.  Also, seniors receive a 20% discount off the price of tuition!

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If you are interested in more information, please call at (604) 299-6963.
We look forward to talking to you about the Cinemazoo Animal Agency vocational training program!
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